Stainless Steel
and Atelier Bruno Fiset

With its 10 years experience with stainless steel , ABF is renowned for its conception and construction of exceptional architectural stainless steel products. ABF offers a wide variety of personalized products that meet and exceed its customer needs for commercial, institutional and residential construction.

Constantly innovating, ABF markets characterised products known for their elegance, their durability and easy maintenance. An impeccable finish which guarantees our customer’s entire satisfaction are our company’s greatest goal and pride.

We are proud to present our great range of high quality stainless steel products.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel plays an important part in many domains: daily life, mechanical industry, food-processing industry, chemistry, medicine, surgery and more. Like other steels, it is an alloy of chrome and other elements such as nickel, and sometimes molybdenum and vanadium to improve its resistance to corrosion.
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