Stainless Steel :
a choice for the environment

Today, environment and durable development are very important criteria when choosing a material. Recycling is essential.

Stainless Steel is an excellent choice for the environment because of it’s resistance to corrosion, its mechanical resistance, and it is 100% recyclable. Stainless steel objects never become trash, they are always sorted and recycled. It is always re-used so, it is an eternal material.

Stainless steel is not only theoretically recyclable. It is recycled at a large scale world wide. The recycling of stainless steel is self provided and is economically feasible, durable, and the technique used is tested.

The most important element in stainless steel production is recycled stainless steel. Recycling and production are one step not two different steps in this material’s life span..

In 2002, about 20 million tons of stainless steel were produced; 12 million tons of recycled stainless were used as well as other recycled ferrous materials. All stainless steel objects contain a minimum of 60% of recycled steel. Stainless steel is made of 25% of scrap iron, 35% of new iron (extras from the production), and 40% of raw materials. Unlike many other manufactured products, the recycling of stainless steel does not affect its quality. Stainless steel is never consumed since it remains in a closed self provided circuit.

Choosing stainless steel is choosing performance, protection of the environment, and the protection of our natural resources.


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